How do prescriptions work in the app?

At Tend, we make getting your prescriptions hassle-free! If your doctor prescribes medication, they'll send it directly to your chosen pharmacy through the Tend app.

We can provide prescriptions for most medications. Like any other GP service, we can’t give you a prescription unless you’ve had an appointment with one of our doctors before we can issue a prescription. Don't worry though, online appointments are usually acceptable*.

How it works:

  • No paper prescriptions here! Your prescription is sent electronically to the pharmacy.
  • When you visit the pharmacy, just share your name and date of birth to pick up your medication.
  • We don’t charge an extra fee for prescriptions! It's inclusive in the consultation cost. However, please note that some pharmacies may charge around a $5 dispensation fee.
  • Repeat prescriptions are only available to enrolled patients. Our doctors are able to provide most prescriptions for casual patients if you book an appointment with us. There will be a fee for any repeat prescription ordered outside of a consultation.
* In some cases, we may require an in person appointment to issue a prescription or medical certificate. There's no additional appointment charge if this is the case.


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