What is the difference between enrolled and casual fees?

Enrolled patient fees are cheaper than casual fees because GPs receive government funding for enrolled patients.

Enrolment and government funding

  • GPs in New Zealand receive government funding for enrolled patients

  • Enrolled patients benefit from cheaper appointments

  • Children under 14 receive free care if they're enrolled

  • You can only be enrolled with one GP practice at a time

  • Visiting a doctor where you're not enrolled results in higher fees as a 'casual' patient

Enrolment options

  • You can use Tend as a 'casual patient' without enrolling to try us out

  • Enrol your children with Tend to access $0 fees for patients under 14 while being enrolled elsewhere yourself

  • Enrol with Tend for yourself while keeping your children enrolled with another GP practice


Generally, only NZ citizens or residents can enrol, but anyone can see a doctor as a ‘casual’ patient with Tend. The full criteria for enrolment can be found here.

Community Services Card

You must be enrolled with a GP to access Community Service Card holder pricing.
Learn more about how to get a Community Services Card if you are eligible.

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