How do I pay for my Tend appointment?

Payment by credit/debit card on the Tend app

At Tend, we use bank-grade security and all your payment details are encrypted.

You'll be asked to enter your credit or debit card details when booking your first appointment or enrolling, much like with Uber.

  • We validate your payment method by placing a temporary "hold of funds" for the cost of the selected appointment when you book.

  • You won't be charged until after your appointment, so if you're entitled to a discount or fee waiver, you can discuss this with your care team during the appointment.

  • If you have a Community Services Card, take a photo of the front and back of your card and send it to our Customer Experience Team via the Tend app. This will ensure you're charged correctly.

  • The return of funds is controlled by each individual's bank, and if not available immediately, should take no longer than 3 working days to be released.

Other payment methods

If you'd rather not upload your payment details, that's completely okay 🤗

You can still book appointments and services by messaging our friendly customer experience team or giving us a call.

If you prefer to pay in-person, our lovely receptionists will be happy to help you out.

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