Why enrol with Tend?

What does enrolling mean?

  • Enrolling means our doctors and nurses become your main contact for your healthcare needs

  • Once enrolled, you enjoy cheaper pricing and children under 14 are FREE!

  • If you have ongoing condition(s) and medication needs, it's best that you enrol with Tend so we can provide ongoing care and repeat prescriptions

Other benefits of enrolling

  • Quickly order repeat prescriptions from the app

  • Access doctors online 7 days until 9pm anywhere in Aotearoa

  • See all your notes and test results in the app

  • Get health check and screening reminders via the app

  • Chat to your care team via the app

  • Choose from a wide range of doctors

  • Visit any of the three Tend clinics in Auckland

  • Book appointments for consults and medical services via the app

  • Access additional funding for medical services, if eligible


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