What can be prescribed in an online appointment?

Our clinicians can prescribe many medications, if required. There may be some circumstances when we are unable to provide a prescription due to New Zealand medication regulations.

If you are prescribed medication we will send the prescription to your pharmacy of choice for collection.

Urgent medication
If you are running low on regular medication and have not been able to get a repeat from your regular GP, an urgent prescription for a short dose can be issued to see you through.  

Short term medication
During your consultation the clinician may decide you need a short course of medication to help with your condition. This can be issued.

Long term medication
If you require ongoing medication for a long-term condition, we encourage you to see your regular doctor to issue your medication so they can monitor your health over time. If you are enrolled with Tend then we will have your health history on file and our team will be able to help.

Controlled medications
The prescribing of controlled medications such as strong pain killers, sedatives and stimulants require close monitoring by your regular GP. As a result these cannot normally be prescribed to casual patients by clinicians online. For enrolled patients, these can be issued. 

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