How do I access my test results?

By providing you with access to your test results you can quickly and easily keep track of your health progress. 

If a clinician requests you to have some tests done we will share the results with you in the app. You will receive a notification letting you know that the results have been filed.  

Where do I find my test results?

Your test results can be found by clicking the following in the app:

1. Account (bottom navigation bar)
2. Your name (under Profiles)
3. Test Results (under Health Records)

You will see a red dot on your Account if you have a new result. Follow the red dots to read the test result.

Depending on the test conducted, results appear either in a table or as a pdf attachment. 

If we have received some of your historical results, issued and observed at another clinic, these will also be displayed.

However, because we did not issue these tests we can not answer any questions about them. For dependents, only test results from 20 March 2023 will be displayed. 

I have a question about my test results

If you feel your results look incorrect, you can simply message our care team. Likewise, if you have a question about your recent result you can either message the team or book an appointment to chat it through with a clinician. 

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