What’s the benefit to me of a care team?

We believe that the future of general practice thrives on collaboration and a multidisciplinary approach, where every member of our clinical team plays a vital role in your wellbeing.

By expanding our clinical care teams to include Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Clinical Pharmacists, Health Coaches, and more, we're not just adding names to the roster – we're enhancing your healthcare experience in profound ways.


Here's why you'll benefit from our expanded care team model:

1. Enhanced access: By leveraging the expertise of the wider team, including nurse practitioners, prescribing nurses, and clinical pharmacists, we're able to improve access to care, ensuring you receive timely attention and support.


2. Personalised and comprehensive care: While you may have a special bond with "your doctor," for any long term conditions, our expanded care team model allows for a collaborative approach to your care. You'll still have a primary provider overseeing your health journey, but now you'll also benefit from the specialised skills and insights of other team members. For example, if you have a specific skin condition, you’re welcome to see one of our clinicians with a special interest and extra qualifications in this field. 

3. Shared responsibility: In our collaborative environment, every team member shares responsibility for your health outcomes within a single unified health record. This allows the opportunity for peer review, consistent standards of care, and more time and space for focused attention on patients with complex needs.

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